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2020/2021 Grant Application


Only fully completed and submitted applications will be reviewed for funding.
**Application deadline is 4:00 pm, June 3, 2020.**

**Please read INSTRUCTIONS before filling out the Grant Application.**

To complete the Community Impact Grant application online, click the link below:
2020/2021 Grant Application Form


United Way of Dodge City Community Impact grants are how we invest local dollars in our communities to address specific community centered issues. Funding decisions are made through a bi-annual competitive application process.  Our Community Impact Grants are invested in high performing nonprofit organizations that provide programs and services aligned with our three strategic priority areas of Education, Financial Stability and Health. Awardees help to improve community conditions across our service area.


We look at problems in our community that need solved, the people that need help and the local programs that can meet those needs best.  If your organization has a program or project that fits in one of our three community impact areas you are eligible to apply.  Your organization must be a 501 (c) 3 non-profit and active and in good standing with the Kansas Secretary of State.  Check your organization’s status with the Secretary of State at

Should I still apply if we have not been previously funded or currently funded by United Way of Dodge City? Yes, current grantees or organizations that received funding in prior years are not given special consideration by the grant review committee.


  • Education
  • Financial Stability
  • Health and Wellness

*United Way of Dodge City will not fund duplicate services.


  • Organization must obtain financial support other than United Way of Dodge City.
  • Organization must have an unpaid Board of Directors/Advisory Board who meet at least quarterly, verified through minutes.  The board must set policies and follow a rotation policy.
  • Organization must make available service to clients regardless of race, color, national origin, sex, age, political affiliation, religion, disability or veteran status.


Please use this detailed budget form for your grant application. There will be a place to upload it once you enter the application.


Revenue Sources

  1. United Way Grant – Grant received from United Way of Dodge City.

  2. Federal Grants – Money received from the Federal Government.

  3. Government Support – Revenue from Taxing Entity.

  4. Foundations/Private Grants – Funds received directly from private foundations.

  5. In-Kind Support – Gifts of materials or supplies in lieu of monetary donations that provide a savings for the program.

  6. Client/Program Service Fees – Fees received for services furnished by the organization.
  7. Contributions – Donations received directly from individual donors and organizations.

  8. Interest/Investment Income – Interest, dividends, and royalties on any type of investment.

  9. Other Revenue – If revenue to an organization has been properly classified very little should be reported.  However, if you foresee having to use your organization’s reserves in order to fund a portion of the program, list that amount.


  1. Salaries – specific to program for which you seek funding.  Includes all salaried and wage earning employees, including full-time, part-time and temporary. Include cost of benefits.  Contract Labor Employees - any temporary, professional labor that is specific to a portion of the program. [i.e. payment to a financial counselor for financial literacy class for clients.]

  2. Professional Fees – Fees and charges of professional practitioners, technical consultants, or semi-professional technicians who are not employees of the agency and are engaged as independent contractors for specified services on a fee or other individual contract basis.  Does not include persons engaged for maintenance and repair services which should be included in occupancy expenses.

  3. Supplies – All supplies and materials used by an organization.  This includes office supplies, postage/shipping/printing, housekeeping supplies, cost of food and beverages purchased for use in agency food service or programs and recreational and craft supplies.

  4. Travel – Travel and transportations expenses of staff and volunteers. Includes local fares, gas and oil, repairs, insurance, leasing, tires, licenses and permits for company vehicles; mileage reimbursement and appropriate actual expenses of agency staff and volunteers; cost of hotels, meals and other expenses relative to travel and transportation of agency staff and volunteers.

  5. Communication - [Phone, Fax, Email] Expenses for all and any communication.

  6. Education, Conference/Training – Expenses of conducting meetings related to an organization’s activities including registration/enrollment fees incurred by an employee with attending an outside meeting.
  7. Occupancy - Program funding only, includes rent, utilities, and janitorial and other maintenance services under contract.

  8. Other – Expenses not reportable in another account classification. Miscellaneous expenses should be itemized.


Funding will not be provided to support the following:

  • Clinical or medical research.
  • Contributions to capital campaigns.
  • Organizations that practice discrimination by race, color, national origin, sex, age, political affiliation, religion, disability or veteran status.
  • Operating deficits or retirement of debt.

  • Endowment programs.

  • Construction projects or real estate acquisitions.

  • Political projects of any kind or special interest groups.

  • Motorized or self-motorized vehicles does not include motorized assistive devices for persons with disability.

  • Those that exist solely as a forum for the presentation of cultural or artistic achievements.
  • Sectarian programs – United Way of Dodge City will fund programs of religious organizations as long as the program does not include religious content and is open to all.

  • Unless specific to the program – rent, utilities, fuel costs, travel or unrequired program supplies.

  • Any other limitations that the United Way Board of Directors considers inappropriate for United Way support.


  • Please provide only the information requested.
  • Applications must be completed online and printed.
  • Applications must be signed by the appropriate person and dated.
  • United Way of Dodge City is unable to accept any typewritten, emailed, or faxed applications.
  • Only one complete program application will be accepted per organization.
  • United Way of Dodge City does not provide an oral or written explanation for funds awarded or denied.
  • All applications and supplemental materials become the property of the United Way.