Open Letter to the Community


An Open Letter to Our Community
On behalf of the Dodge City community, I would like to thank you for your support of our people. Your donation to the United Way of Dodge City is an important component of how people in Dodge City and Ford County care for one another. And as you know, we have had some tough hurdles to overcome this year.
We are excited to kick off our 75th year in 2021! For the past 74 years, community members in Dodge City and Ford County — just like you— have provided the funding for hundreds of community-based programs that have enhanced our quality of life. The United Way of Dodge City Board of Directors has examined the current needs of our community, and united — with your help  we know we can meet those needs, by:
• Communicating with and serving as a resource for those who have been adversely affected by job loss, illness, and poverty.
• Caring for our 2,000+ people suffering from COVID-19. The Coronavirus has hit Ford County’s population particularly hard and has dramatically affected our community’s health, access to work, daycare, educational opportunities, and social economic mobility.
• Coordinating with community education partners to explore how distance learning can reach even more community members taking ESL and other online courses, and working with businesses to ensure online access to community resources.
• Continuing support for all our programs that serve the community while proactively seeking grants to offer the Dolly Parton Imagination Library to our community. This program provides a book each month for every child aged 0-5 who registers.
Our community has faced numerous new challenges this past year and we know that the need for additional community services will only grow. Therefore, the United Way of Dodge City needs your partnership and donations. United, we can overcome these and other challenges.As a community, we are improving the education, health, financial stability, and overall quality of life in Ford County.
Thank you for your contribution to Dodge City’s continued success.